Current Deals on Art Supplies & Art Classes

Kara Bullock is offering deals for the new year on many classes from all of their amazing team of artists. All of her classes except the 2023 Let’s Face It class are on sale. I snatched up last years “Let’s Face It” course because I just can’t wait until January and there are some artists teaching this year that aren’t going to be in the 2023 edition. I also snagged these courses

Deb Weier’s Wonky Friends & Critters


Emma Petitt Make A Splash


Amsterdam Acrylic Paint

There are so many things on sale but Amsterdam Paint is my go-to for budget-friendly artist-quality paint. Lovely fresh colors that mix beautifully. Perfect for gel printing.


Dr. Ph Martin Ink 25% off

Laly Mille – French Mixed Media Artist

I discovered Laly during Lifebook and have since taken most of her classes. Her style of teaching is so calm and affirming and mistake-proof that you’ll be amazed at what you end up with at the end of the lesson. Laly often has sales on classes and always has a few free art courses so you can be introduced to her warm and loving teaching style.

Pamela has a new series of art classes for $10 each called “Create for $1 as well as a 50% sale on her printable artwork here.


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